My daily routine, or lack thereof

This month I’ve only worked weekends, there being no overtime available, and when I haven’t been at work I’ve had things on. Now I’ve got nothing planned until October, and no overtime coming up. The result? Sleeping too much, eating too much and boredom.
I think I’m going to have to impose some structure on my days, or I’m just going to waste them, and I’ve wasted enough time in the last thirty years. My plan is Monday to Friday I will try to read in the mornings, write in the afternoon, fit dog walking in in between and visiting friends in the evening.

It’s a lose enough plan that I might actually stick to it and flexible enough to take account of other commitments. I don’t know how well it’ll go because I try making schedules and then don’t manage to stick to them. I don’t really have enough self-discipline for timetables that aren’t externally imposed or that I don’t have a deadline for. If I have a deadline I can focus, without one I drift, distracted easily.

I have so much on at the minute; a pile of books to read and review, my collection of short fiction to finish typing up and editing, and assorted other writing projects that I started and then got distracted from. I need to force myself to find my discipline so that I can get this work done.

So, from today that’s what I shall try to do. Today, I managed to get a book read and the review written, and I started the next book. I have also written this post, and will be reading another book once I go offline.

Maybe I should make lists and give myself daily goals? What other methods do people have for keeping on track? Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.



3 thoughts on “My daily routine, or lack thereof

    1. I get distracted so easily, sometimes I just need reminding that I have to get something done. I need the structure of goal setting.

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