Reviews coming up in the next few weeks

There’s a list, and I’ll be working ky way through it in the next couple of weeks, now I’ve done my civic duty.


I’m reading two for

‘The boy who led them’ by George Chittenden

‘The black lion: Satan’s kingdom’ by Anthony Karakai

I am also working my way through four books I’ve received through These are ARC’s for the most part:

‘The Woken Gods’ by Gwenda Bond

‘Timesplash’ by Graham Storrs

‘Improbable Women’ by William Woods Cotterman


‘Six women of Salem’ by Marilynne K. Roach

For those who prefer traditional paper books, I am also reading three new-ish books:

‘The Warring States’ by Aiden Harte

‘Affliction’ by Laurell K Hamilton


‘The long war’ by Terry Pratchett AMD Stephen Baxter.

In addition, I’ve started on some classics I bought while I was in Yorkshire:

‘The Professor’ by Charlotte Bronte

‘The complete Mapp & Lucia’ by E. F. Benson, volumes 1 & 2

I’m keeping busy, I suppose you could say.

And now I really do have to disappear fir the evening, work is no fun when all I want to do is sleep. Good night, have a good weekend all.



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