Books and albums I’m looking forward to after summer ends

It’s the middle of August already! I scared myself this morning by working out how long I’d got until the two concerts I’m going to in Nottingham in October. Seven weeks for one (Reckless Love) and ten weeks for the other (HIM).
I’m excited and looking forward to my weekends away, and at the same time wondering how on earth I’m going to afford it all. (Hint, hint dearest family and friends who forgot my 30th birthday *sticks tongue out at various people – thou knowest who thou art.*)

But before that, Reckless Love release their new album ‘Spirit’ at the end of the month. Of course I’ll be reviewing it as soon as it is available on Spotify; I had planned to pre-order but it’s not a viable option for me at the minute. I’m sort of hoping they’ll have signed copies available at the gig, like Halestorm did.

Later in the year the new Discworld book, the 40th, is published. Again, I am having that. I think it’s another Lipwig/Ankh-Morpork story. From what I’ve seen of the cover art I think there will be steam trains.


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