Review: ‘Broken Homes’ by Ben Aaronovitch


Book 4 of the ‘Peter Grant Series’


Peter, Lesley and their boss Thomas Nightingale (and Toby the dog) are back, continuing their search for the Faceless Man, while still dealing with all the weird stuff the rest of the Met would rather not admit existed. After several murders and the Spring Court, they track the Faceless Man and his organisation to a housing estate at Elephant and Castle.

It’s taken me two days to read this book, if I hadn’t been busy I suspect I’d have finished it in a day. The plot is well constructed, writing fluid and characters engaging. Minor characters from earlier books are beginning to develop and the world the author is creating gets larger as Peter learns more about the history of the Folly and it’s international counteparts. Humour sparkles through the novel and individual cases weave together to produce a pleasing image.

Oh dear. I’m waxing poetical. I’ll stop now. Sorry. I really love this series, this is a great continuation of it, with an unexpected twist at the end.

If you haven’t read any of these books, go now and get them from a library!

And now it’s time I tried to sleep, busy day tomorrow,

Night all,



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