It’s been a while since any bands on Twitter followed me…

But recently I had two do so. Both are broadly hard rock/metal, but they are nonetheless very different bands.
Winchester Rebels

A five piece from Santa Barbara, California, this band formed in August 2009 to play hard rock inspired by nineties bands. Their debut album is available from iTunes and Amazon.

‘Down’ and ‘Private Angel’ are available as free downloads from ReverbNation. I managed to listen to ‘Down’ (I’m having trouble downloading the second song; my phone and it’s dodgy network connection are probably to blame). It’s not bad, though I’d need to hear more songs to really give my opinion. I mostly liked what I heard though. Not entirely sure about the vocalist’s voice. Again, I’d need to hear more than one song.

The band has a website, Twitter and Facebook.


Twitter: @WinchesterRebel

Troll bends fir

Is a Russian ‘beer metal’ band (yeah, I’ve no idea what that is either). They’re from St. Peterburg and apparently sing about beer. They’ve recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and have a violinist among then.

From what I can see, they are a folk metal band. I have no problem with folk metal; I quite often find that sort of music amusing and whimsical. I can’t find any of their music to listen to, though they are working on their fifth album and are, according to their Facebook page quite well known in Russia.

Their Twitter is: @trollbendsfir

And now I am going, time to give up attempting to nap, eat and go shopping. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike shopping? No? Well I do, I can’t stand it…


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