Finally: Outta Line


This is the band that all the drunk teenagers appear to have come to see. They were here last year apparently. I must have missed them.

They’re not half bad, tackling The Beatles and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. And plenty of Green Day.Still waiting for some original stuff though; it’s another covers band, albeit a lot younger than the previous two.

It’s still disturbing that there’s kids here who weren’t born when I first heard these songs and they’re singing along so happily.

While they are really good at the songs they’re covering, I wonder just how far they could go with original material; they certainly have the talent. I had videos of them, but something went wrong and I can’t find them on my phone to transfer. It’s most irritating because I played them back earlier to check they were okay and the quality was actually quite good.


In all I enjoyed my evening, especially spending time with my sister and niece. The bands were not bad, for a free festival. I was soaked, because it began raining again, hungry and cold. I also really needed my bed. But I saw it out.

The evening finished with spirited rendition of ‘Highway to Hell’. And shouts for more; unfortunately the organisers didn’t agree.




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