Review: ‘Just one damned thing after another; Volume 1: The Chronicles of St. Mary’s’ By Jodi Taylor




Madeleine Maxwell, an historian, is suggested for a position at St. Mary’s Priory, Institute of Historical Research, by her former school headmistress. She goes for the interview and finds that not all is as it seems at St. Mary’s Priory.  Having taken the position she joins St Mary’s rigorous training programme at the end of which she gets the job, and a whole new life.  And it is certainly eventful.

There are dinosaurs and explosions. And the great library at Alexandria burning down. With time-travel, adventure, gun fights, and a great dollop of humour the story starts slowly and picks up the pace until the aforesaid dinosaurs, explosions and burning libraries pull the story to its end at a great speed. I really liked this e-book. There were minor editing errors – misspellings mainly – but nothing to detract greatly from the plot.


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