Review: Black Sabbath – ’13’

Released 10th June 2013
Produced by Rick Rubin

* John ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne     Vocals
* Tony Iommi                     Guitar
* Terrence ‘Geezer’ Butler Bass
* Brad Will                          Drums


End of the Beginning
God is Dead?
Age of Reason
Live Forever
Damaged Soul
Dear Father
Peace of Mind
Dirty Women – Live in Australia

I absolutely loved ‘God is Dead?’ when it was released earlier this year, and I’d hoped the rest of the album would be as good.


Some of it is.

Songs that stand out on first listen are the opener ‘End of the Beginning’, ‘God is Dead?’ (obviously), ‘Dear Father’, ‘Methademia’ and ‘Pariah’.
Listening to the album a second time, I found that ‘Loner’ grew on me. The other 5 songs didn’t make on impression on me either way (I’m not including Dirty Woman – only the new songs).

Overall the album is good, sounds like early Sabbath (as was intended) and has all the hallmarks of their style. Ozzy still has the most distinctive voice around; Tony Iommi’s riffs and the layered guitars are perfection. Geezer is still Geezer. Age and sickness has done nothing to dim their genius.

I know some people aren’t happy because Bill Ward isn’t a part of this album, but to be blunt, it doesn’t matter. Brad Wilk is an excellent drummer and a good fit for the band.

Mr Ward refused to sign contracts, Mr Iommi didn’t know how long he’d be able to work for and cut negotiations off so that they could get on and make the album. They got another drummer. Simple. The album that resulted is good. It’s really nothing to do with the fans and what they want; only what the band want and need.

Black Sabbath are currently touring and will be performing in the UK in December. I hope to see them in Sheffield, if I can get a ticket and the weekend off work.


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