One band I like, One band I think are a bit bad mannered and Two bands I’m not fussed by.

Yes, it’s another round up of the bands that follow my Twitter account. Aren’t you lucky devils?

So the first band on my list are Demise, a band from the West Midlands that formed in 2008. They describe themselves as a ‘heavy band’ and say they sound like Pantera, Down, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Black Label Society.

Band Members:

  • Mick Hatton – Vocals
  • Craig Williamson – Lead Guitar
  • Leigh Gittus – Rhythm Guitar
  • Don Whitehouse – Bass Guitar
  • Richie Rogers –  Drums

They have several tracks available a:

I listened to ‘The Contender’.


I’m not incredibly impressed, but as I’ve said multiple times I prefer clean vocals to shouting and screaming. I know other people like that sort of thing and if you do they might be to your taste. Either way, don’t let my personal preferences prevent you from at least giving them a listen.


Next on my list is an American band called Stellar Revival. I have somewhat limited internet access so it was about a week between them following me and me being able to get online and listen to their music. By the time I had a chance to they had unfollowed me. As a result I haven’t listened to their music, but if you want to, their website is:

Third on my list is another American band, or as they describe themselves an ‘industrial-metal/shock rock performance art act’ from Portland, Oregon.


  • Cody – Vocals
  • Freeman Manfree – Guitar
  • Brick – Drums
  • The Human – Keys/Sequencing
  • Unlucky Eddy – Bass
  • Enygma – Hype and Shenanigans


Their website is:

Their facebook page has a quite comprehensive ‘About’ page, but here’s a small sample just to give you an idea

‘Amerakin Overdose is an Industrial- Metal / Shock Rock performance art act from Portland, OR. Known for hypnotic dance beats and horror style theatrics, blended with heavy driven metal riffs, the band brings a very user friendly sound that promotes accidental cardio via involuntary movement of your head, feet and body. The combination of heavy dance music mixed with onstage antics are a freak show in action, a nonstop visual and auditory stimulate from the first note to the last. True to the band motto; they “Get Shit Done”.’

Apart from the bad grammar and slightly off spelling, I find their expression of intent slightly obnoxious.

I listened to three of their songs after downloading them from reverb nation.


Er, no, just, no.

Seriously, that’s what I’ve got written in my notebook.

I see what they’re trying to do, it’s very much in the ‘Slipknot’ mould but it’s just not my thing.


Finally, because they’re the last in my notebook, a band whose music I actually liked, A New Tomorrow.

From London and formed in June 2009, they describe their music as modern rock.


  • Alessio Garavello – Vocals/Guitars
  • Andrea Lonardi – Bass Guitar
  • Dan Panza – Guitars
  • Tim Hall – Drums

This quartet have a comprehensive website:

and their music is available on iTunes, Spotify etc. They also have a few tracks on sound cloud


I listened to the tracks this band have on Spotify, their EP ‘Incandescent’ and the single ‘Believe’. On first listen I preferred ‘Love Utopia’ and ‘What they can’t steal from you’ because I found the lyrics of ‘Brighter than the sun’ and ‘Believe’ to be a little repetitive. On listening a second time I found that I actually quite liked all of them; the songs are enjoyable with a positive feeling about them.

Alesso Garavello’s singing is not necessarily to my taste, his voice is a little too high pitched at times, but still good. Occasionally (especially in ‘Love Utopia’) he sounds like someone has got his balls in a vice.

The guitars are not mind blowing, although they certainly seem competent enough, and Tim Hall is a steady and skilled drummer.

In other words, they’re okay, not quite as heavy as I usually like but still appealing. And they get extra points for spelling my name correctly when they answered a Tweet. I didn’t actually mean for them to answer it, I was just commenting on the music when I listened to it. But still, kudos for that.


And that’s the round up for this week.





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