I’ve been on a bit of an organisation kick lately

Good evening,

I should be sleeping as I have to be up for work at quarter to four tomorrow morning, but I’m not tired so I thought I’d say hello to everyone, especially to people who have only recently started following this blog.


I’ve been organising a few things lately. I had two wordpress blogs, twitter and a tumblr; after a bit of thought I now have 1 wordpress blog (this one), twitter and three tumblr accounts.

I decided that as I’m not shooting much at the minute (no money/damaged lower back/working weekends) there was no point in having the archery blog (travelswithmylongbow.wordpress.com) because I’m not using it. I also decided that my tumblr needed organising. My personal tumblr is a random mix of all my interests, and my dashboard is usually full of fandom stuff, which makes it difficult to find writing/music related posts. I now have two new Tumblrs

• rosemariecawkwell.tumblr.com is my writing blog. It’s where I follow writing blogs, book and literature blogs and sometimes post short stories.

• hornskeepthehaloinplace.tumblr.com is my music blog. I follow various band/fan blogs; they’re useful for news and finding out what fans are talking about.

Most of the posts I make here go to my Tumblrs. Feel free to have a look at them.

In other news, I am now working part time (weekends) so I will have a bit of money coming in while I work on my writing. It’s not perfect but these things have to be done. I have managed to get a couple of short stories written this week though, which I’m pleased with. Next week will be spent typing them up. I would like to get another one of my short stories finished next week. After that I’ll have three left to write for the collection. Now I’m working part-time I’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on writing, and not worrying about money or being too tired to actually write.

I will also be listening to a few new bands who have followed my Twitter account and giving my musically uneducated but passionate opinion on them.

Right, I’m going to try to sleep again now.




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