Shamelessly plugging my ridiculously talented relatives

Hey, everyone else is getting free advertising so I thought I’d do my family a minor favour and let people know about them.

My younger sister Helen has a small business proofreading, and she’s also a bit of an historian.

She has a blog and Twitter, plus a Facebook page for her business.

Her blog is, her Twitter is @helen_cawkwell and her business Facebook page is

She’s really good at the proof reading, she usually proof reads my longer articles for me, although not my blog posts because I write them at odd times. Go and have a look at her pages, please.

My brother-in-law Richard is a spectacularly good guitarist in need of a band. Here are some tracks he’s recorded:

If anyone near by wants to get in touch, or further away if you’re aren’t insanely far away, he has his contact details in various music shops in Grimsby and Scunthorpe, and on the SoundCloud page. Seriously, go have a listen.

My cousin, another Richard, is a tattooist and photographer. He works under the name ‘Loveless Tattooer’ at Bespoke Body Art in Grimsby. The best way to see examples of his work is to look on his Facebook page

If I ever get a tattoo I think I’d get Richard to do it, mainly because I wouldn’t trust someone not family near me with needle and ink. And I like his work.

I have other cousins; Dominic is a photographer and student film maker – he’s very good. I’m using one of Dominic’s pictures as a prompt for a series of short stories. Christopher likes to play with computers and Louis is a historian. I’m scared he’ll start a war with France one day. They’ll have to add their own links in the comments if they want people to see their work because I don’t know where they have them.

And that is my shameless plugging of my family’s talents over (To my family – you’d better appreciate it, you horrible lot :D)



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