Aviator Shades

Twitter: @AviatorShades1

Facebook: aviatorshadesband


This band were surprisingly easy to find out about; their Facebook page has a comprehensive history of the band and lists all their social media URL’s, as well as influences, genre, and most usefully, who is actually in the band.

Aviator Shades are:

Dave Gorman                                    Singer/Bassist

Jesse Waldron                                   Drums

George Baker                                    Guitar

Shaun Michael Thackeray             Guitar

They are based in Vancouver, although at least one of them isn’t originally from Canada, and they list their influences as ‘Thin Lizzy, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Queen, Iron Maiden, Rush, AC/DC, Whitesnake and ZZ Top’ and their genre as ‘Classic rock, blues and a dash of metal’. I could hear the first two in their tracks but not the ‘metal’ elements. As to social media they have Facebook, Twitter, bandcamp, myspace, reverbnation, youtube and soundcloud accounts, so I suppose you can take your pick of how you consume their music. I personally prefer Sound Cloud because they have a mobile site and my phone likes it better than the reverbnation site or youtube. They plan to have an EP out this year.


I quite liked them; they definitely fit in to their genre declaration of ‘classic rock’. Their songs have catchy hooks and are quite anthemic; the singer’s voice is good. I was trying to work out who he reminded me of. The closest I could get was Meat Loaf, and even that’s not quite right. There’s also something very bluesy about them, almost shading in to folk-music-esque at times, especially on ‘Papa taught me how to sing (the blues)’.


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