Ah, the long eighteenth century, how I have missed you.

I was strolling through Twitter a few minutes ago when I came across a post that an historian of the eighteenth century had retweeted. It came from another wordpress blog, called georgianbawdyhouse.wordpress.com; little known fact about me: I find the 18th century fascinating.

Society was poised on the edge of revolution. Not just the violent kind either. It was a time of scientific discovery and social change, the beginnings of industrialisation and empire building. The working class and industrial/urban middle classes were beginning to assert themselves. Some excellent books were also written as well, like ‘Pride and Prejudice’. And if you’ve had a read of any of my old posts you’ll know that’s one of my favourite books.

So occasionally I might reblog posts from georgianbawdyhouse.wordpress.com.
It’s a really interesting blog, by the way.



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