Review of several e-books

I had a bit of a foray in to Amazon the other day and found several free e-books (thanks to the freebie page at and read them quite quickly. Most were short stories but one,‘Georgiana Darcy’s Diary’, is probably more of a novella. Since I took the time to read to them I thought I should probably review them.

Georgiana Darcy’s diary: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Continued

Anna Elliott, with illustrations by Laura Masselos


Wilton Press

It’s 1814 and the war with Napoleon is coming to an end, Elizabeth and Darcy have been married a year, Georgiana is 18 years old and still living at Pemberley with them, and their Aunt De Bourgh has organised a house party. She’s trying to marry Georgiana off too some suitable gentleman.

Georgiana feels the need to start writing a diary again, and starts writing about her life. Sick of the fawning fortune hunters, Georgiana is in love with her cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam. Unfortunately rumour tells her he is engaged to someone else, and when he returns to Pemberley to recover from a wound taken at Toulouse she is determined not to give in to her feelings.

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young lady of rank and property will have packs of money- or land-hungry suitors yapping around her heels like hounds after a fox.

In the interests of not giving the whole plot away, all I’ll say is the denouement of the storyline is fairly obvious. I mostly liked the story but was slightly unsatisfied by it. I would be interested to read the other two books in this Pride and Prejudice Chronicles, Pemberley to Waterloo, and Kitty Bennet’s Diary.



Cait the Cat Burglar (55 Portobello Road)

Christine London



Cait is a waitress, stranded in London as she tries to earn money to send home to her sick mother and sister in America. Bribed and threatened in to becoming a thief by the sinister Rothwell, Cait tries to steal the work of an Australian musician. The first time she fails miserably. There were croquet hoops involved.

At work the next day her target comes in for a meal and Cait finds herself questioning her resolve.


This short story is entertaining, although I found it a little too soppy for my taste and too much ‘fairy-tale ending’. I’m not sure I’d bother to read the series of books that this short story is a part of.



How to talk to girls at parties, A short story

Neil Gaiman



Originally published 2006 and republished as an e-book 2013 with an exclusive first chapter from Neil Gaiman’s new book, ‘The ocean at the end of the lane’, due out mid-June. Vic and Enn are going to a party Vic heard about from his friend Alison, unfortunately they end up at entirely wrong party with interesting consequences. It’s a fun little story, but then I like Neil Gaiman’s work, having read a couple of his books. He’s a truly original writer.



A Little Bit of Everything for Dummies 20th Anniversary Edition

John Wiley & Sons, Inc


This book is exactly what it says on the cover, a sample of their published work since the first …For Dummies book in 1991. Covering everything from Windows 7 to Puppies to Sex, this book is an interesting one to flip through.



And that’s the lot for now.











Coming soon, a spate of book reviews

I’ve just had a phone call from the library; they’ve got (finally!) the latest Science of Discworld. I’m going to collect it this afternoon. When I get back, and before I start reading it, I’m going to review a couple of e-books I downloaded yesterday.

The first ‘Georgiana Darcy’s Diary’ by Anna Elliott is a continuation of the Jane Austen classic ‘Pride and Prejudice’, and the second is a celebratory edition of the ‘For Dummies…’ series marking their 20th anniversary.

Bye for one,


I’ve got quite a few books to review

I found my way to a website called this morning, and on their ‘Special Offers & Freebies’ page there were a few books that I thought looked interesting. I’m going to read them all and review them.

I love having the Kindle for PC app. I have so many books on it, most of them free.



Black Veil Brides release lyric video for unreleased track.

Last year Black Veil Brides released their third album, ‘Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones’ and on11th June they are releasing their Ultimate Edition of the album containing three unreleased tracks plus a DVD of the film ‘The Legion of the Black’ . In addition they are releasing their Ultimate Black Box Edition that has the same contents as the Ultimate Edition including the CD with alternative artwork plus three the new songs, Legion of the Black DVD, an expanded booklet, and a solid black BVB rosary.

A lyric video for one of the songs, ‘Revelation’ , has been released on youtube. The video shows a young man going in to a Hollywood record shop and purchasing ‘Wretched and Divine’ before taking it home and playing it on a record player.

The song fits with the story told on the album very well, but I can see why they left it off the main release, it is fairly superfluous and adds nothing to the main storyline (yes, I have listened to the album, in fact I’m listening to it again now. I quite like it) and the lyrics are a little repetitive, but is still a decent song. The product placement in the video distracted me slightly, but only because I was wondering whether it was accidental or deliberate; I think it must have been deliberate, on consideration.

Here’s the video for you to decide for yourselves what you think.