Black Sabbath: God’s existence might be in question but Sabbath’s supremacy is not

Ah, Black Sabbath are back(!) with their new single from the album ’13’ due to be released in June. I can’t stop listening to their new song ‘God is Dead?’; Ozzy Osbourne still has a truly unique voice, Mr Iommi’s riffs are perfection, Geezer Butler is as good a bass player as ever and Tommy Clufetos makes an excellent addition to Black Sabbath as their drummer.

The lyrics question the existence of a God, because of all the religious wars in the world, but in the end Ozzy maintains that he believes that God is not dead. If this song is an example of what the new album will be like then I can’t wait to hear it. This song is a great addition to the Sabbath canon and shows that time has not diminished the ability of Black Sabbath to create great music.


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