Review:Iron Man 3

Robert Downey Jr returns as Tony Stark in iron Man Three. Suffering from PTSD after the events of New York (The Avengers), Tony has hidden himself away in his basement working on the Iron Man suits, all 42 of them. Then a new threat arrives in the form of ‘The Mandarin’; bombs explode unexpectedly and leave no trace of their origin. Everyone is baffled. The past comes back to haunt Tony, and when his friend and former bodyguard, Happy, is injured in one of the explosions, Tony Stark issues a declaration of war.

This is a cracking film; funny, action packed and exciting.  I saw it in 3D, I’m not sure whether the 3D added anything to the film. This film is a great addition to the Marvel-verse family of films, and continues the story on from last year’s Avengers movie. I wait in anticipation for the release of Thor 2: The Dark World in November.



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