Review: Mercians ‘We Don’t Even Live By The Sea’ EP

Pre-released 1st April 2013 for free down load as MP3’s

Release date 1st May 2013

Available for free download from their website ( from 1st April 2013 – 1st May 2013, after which it will be available for purchase from iTunes.

Short (11 minute) EP showcasing three tracks – ‘Attention All’, ‘Cry Mutiny’ and ‘We Are The Kraken’.

They’re not bad at all; there’s definitely some talent there. Their lyrics are almost punk in sentiment, but stylistically they are very similar to many other young British rock bands, like Young Guns and Don Broco. The tracks grew on me; they weren’t immediately catchy but on repeated listening I found some unusual imagery and fairly sophisticated lyrics (they get extra points for not only knowing what the Kraken is, but for using it as a metaphor in a song).

Go on, have a listen; it won’t cost you anything will it?



[EDIT: I got a lovely Tweet from these boys last night thanking me for my kind words. (29/05/2013)]

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