I knew it was a mistake…

…writing about the bands that follow my Twitter because now I have even more following me.

Three more so far this week, all within a day of each other. Here’s what my nosing around the web found.

Art of Dying

Twitter: @ArtOfDying


Jonny Hetherington – vocals

Greg Bradley – guiar

Tanis Stanley – guitar/vocals

Cale Gontier – bass/vocals

Jeff Brown – drums

This five-piece are from Canada and formed in 2004. They ‘made a conscious effort to be as sonically dynamic as their influences’, alternative rock bands, ‘but approach their songs with a greater sense of optimism.’

Honestly, from reading their comprehensive website, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I wasn’t impressed by what I read. I’m happy to say I was wrong. They have two albums available on Spotify, ‘Art of Dying’ and the acoustic ‘Let the fire burn’. They’re actually not as bad as I thought they would be. I’m not overfond of the acoustic album but I’ve no objections to it staying on my Spotify. Can’t say that I’d ever buy tickets to go see them but if they happened to be at a festival I was at or were supporting another band then I would probably make the effort to go and listen to them.





Facebook: gone2morrowband

YouTube: gone2morrowband

Formed in 2011 by Geo Garcia and Chris Mason, this band describe themselves in their Twitter bio as an ‘established Las Vegas hard rock band’ and list their influences as Sevendust, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Black Sabbath etc

Three tracks available on reverbnation – ‘Lies’, ‘Dead Now’, and ‘Maybe2morrow’.

I watched the video for ‘Dead Now’ on their YouTube channel. Hmm, well I suppose they’re not terrible but I’m not a fan. They’re not as good as their influences but I can definitely hear A7X in there. Meh, not too fussed by this band.

And finally…


Twitter: @Nightland_Metal

Facebook: Nightland

YouTube: NightlandOfficial

Soundcloud: nightland (it’s useless – no tracks and no info about the band)

Ludovico Cioffi – vocals/guitar

Filippo Scrima – guitar

Andrea Sangervasi – bass

Francesco Ambrogiani – keyboards

Filippo Cicoria – drums

Their 2012 EP ‘In Solemn Rise’ is on Spotify

More Italian death metal; I thought I’d made it obvious that I’m not a fan of death metal? Oh well, I’m going to be nice and have a look at their stuff on YouTube and listen to the EP on Spotify anyway, just to be fair. Although it’s really not my thing and I can’t tell good death metal from terrible death metal.

Their Twitter bio is very succinct: ‘Epic death metal band from Italy’. Yep, that’s really helpful lads; it’s a good job I found your YouTube channel. The music is definitely epic, almost symphonic – a bit like Nightwish but with no violins and shouting instead of operatic singing. And it was definitely the vocals that I didn’t like, although there were bits that weren’t too bad, positively catchy in places. The video for ‘Diamond Siren’ was actually quite amusing; I have no idea what Mr Cioffi was singing about but random knights appearing and the keyboardist trying to eat his instrument made me giggle inappropriately – pretty certain the audience wasn’t meant to be laughing at that point. I listened to some of the EP; it was okay, I could listen to it for a bit. For the music if not the vocals.

And that’s that for this week.

Coming Soon

Review: Iron Man 3

Review: HIM ‘Tears on Tape’ + the Metal Hammer fanpack – was it worth the price?

Review: The Science of Discworld 4 (waiting for the library to get back to me on this one)

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