I’ve been working on a few things…

While I was travelling to Nottingham last month I started writing a short story from a prompt I found on Tumblr – which has some great writing blogs by the way, go and look. I finished it a few days ago. The only problem I had was that the idea I went with wasn’t the only idea I had; there were three I wanted to do something with. Consequently I wrote another short story and started a third which I need to get around to finishing.

I got distracted by a picture prompt from another Tumblr blog and started writing a short story for that. Then I found some ‘opening paragraph prompts’ I wrote on the train home from Nottingham in December, in another notebook. So I started writing another short story. Yeah, it’s got a little out of hand now. So, I was thinking, since I’m writing shed loads of short stories right now why don’t I do something with them?

That’s my current project, take two written prompts and two picture prompts and write three short stories for each of them. It’s going to be an interesting exercise for my creativity.

I suppose it’s a good job I have a few new notebooks about the place, because I’m using them up rapidly at the minute. I find I’m more likely to finish a story if I hand write it than if I type it straight away on my laptop. I think it’s probably psychological. It also allows me to do a first edit as I’m typing up.

There’s all sorts of things in my notebooks. I rarely let other people see them though. Not that anyone can decipher my handwriting; when I’m in full scribble mode my writing is terrible.
I’ll stop rambling now, and get some writing done,



See, I told you my writing was scrawl, although that's actually not too bad...

See, I told you my writing was scrawl, although that’s actually not too bad…


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