Review: The Magical Castle, Cleethorpes

If any of you follow my Twitter (no? don’t worry about it, I’m not very interesting) you’ll know I went to a child’s birthday party last Wednesday (27/03/13). It wasn’t any old party though; as a treat for the child in question it was held at ‘The Magical Castle’ in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire.

The Magical Castle is an indoor play centre. It’s like a giant climbing frame with ball pits, slides, zip lines, a climbing wall and bouncy castle, for children and those of us adults who occasionally act like children. They do parties, if you book. It’s quite popular but I’ve never been before.

The ‘Castle’ structure is extensive with separate areas for very young children and a ‘party room’ that has been made to look like a circus tent and room for at least thirty guests. There is also a café for those who don’t fancy chasing around after their kids. It’s £1.40 for a tea or coffee, £1.30 for a scone or teacake. They also do wraps, naked potatoes, and chips for fairly reasonable prices.

The staff I met and spoke to were very friendly and helpful. They wanted the birthday boy to have a good time, and provided a treasure hunt for the party as well as the food. The party food was actually quite nice. Basic and it wouldn’t have fed the 10 children it was supposed to be for, except possibly the cocktail sausages, of which there were plenty. There was a choice of three types of sandwiches, chips and pizza slices, fruit and veg sticks, and cocktail sausages and sausage rolls, followed by jelly and ice-cream. The ice-cream was good quality, as was rest of the food provided and the fruit squash.

As a place to take the children if you happen to be in Cleethorpes and it’s raining it’s  not bad. The admission fee varies between school holidays, weekends and bank holidays, and weekdays (it’s slightly cheaper) and by age of child; one free adult per child, £1.00 for each extra adult. As a place for a children’s party I would recommend it (from £8.95 a child). But book early if you want it on a Saturday, make sure you have more than ten children coming and take you own cake. They don’t provide the cake. The party bags are quite good as well. I put mine in the play box I keep for any visiting monsters. It had a colouring books, crayons, puzzle, stickers etc although the pink ‘princess’ theme was a bit much even if it does fit with the décor of the attraction.

For more information their website is:

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