I’m awake rediculously early…so I’m going to write.

Unless I’m going somewhere I’m not usually awake at this time on a Saturday morning but today I can’t sleep. I’m on call at work and it messes with my sleep patterns. Anyway, since I’m awake I thought I’d make a blog post. For the fun of it.

Yesterday I got all the stuff I’d written on the train to Nottingham and back typed up. It turned out to be quite a substantial amount of writing. I don’t know why but I find it quite easy to write while I’m on the train, especially if I get a table seat. I can spread myself out and just write. I think the motion of the train must be relaxing, and for me at least the novelty still hasn’t worn off.

Am I the only one who finds trains conducive to writing, any type of writing?

There’s a great tumblr blog, prompts-and-pointers.tumblr.com, that I follow and on Sunday I wrote down one of their prompts in my notebook. It kept me busy on the train, I came up with three possible short stories. I started on the first one on Monday and continued it quite easily yesterday, once I’d got everything I’d scribbled in my notebook typed up. I think its about 3,300 words long now and maybe half finished. I had an idea to work on all three story ideas and compare the results at the end.

I’m going to have to go for another train ride soon.

I’m actually going to attempt to sleep for a while now,




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