Well, London’s fun.

Hello, it’s been a while I know, but I’ve had stuff going on that’s been getting in the way of any writing. I’m in London this weekend. Got here yesterday, I’m still adjusting to how different it is from home.

We’re spending the weekend visiting museums. The first we’ve been to is The Sherlock Holmes Museum in Baker Street. I really liked it.

It was quite busy and it’s very small, being housed in a terrace as it is, but it has some interesting artifacts. The wax figures illustrating various characters and stories were creepy but diverting. I got distracted by a beadwork tray mat and a sampler from 1826. I don’t think they were meant to be noticed but I was inspecting everything closely, while people were taking photographs.

There are displays of books, pipes, weapons, anything and everything relating to the Sherlock Holmes stories and the museum is sent up as 221B is described in the books.

I’d definitely recommend going if you’re interested in the books or tv adaptations. Or even if you just want to see a Victorian house. It’s £6 (£4 for kids) to enter and really easy to get to (Baker Street is on the Jubilee Line).

Time to go, getting ready for today’s adventures. Bye.



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