Making bets with my cousins

It may come as a surprise to people to learn that I’m not the only writer in my family. My Dad writes, my youngest sister and my youngest cousins all write. Tonight I went to visit the cousins and eventually talk turned to writing.

A few things came up; concentrating on one project at a time (none of us can quite manage it), writing from multiple character view points (it can get confusing), laptops dying and always keeping a notebook and pen handy.

We eventually decided that we should take bets on which of us had a novel published first, with the eldest cousin hoping it wouldn’t be his youngest brother.

Then we got side-tracked on to Dr. Who.

The point I’m trying to make (honestly, there is one) is that despite differences in age, view of the world, gender, experiences in life etc, we, as writers all have the same problems and by talking to each other we can find solutions to them.

And the competition between us acts as a spur because we are all master procrastinators.

Good night



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