Weekly NaNoWriMo update 2


Well, it’s been an odd week. I’ve been ill, I spent most of the week asleep. However I have tried to work on my novel. I managed to write on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and I’ve written a just over fifteen hundred words today.

My total word count is 20,761.

My goals:

minimum – 18333 words

preferred – 22000 + words

I’m pleased I managed to pass my minimum word count and there is still a chance could manage my preferred word count of 22,000 but I’m getting tired and I have to get ready for work tomorrow. I write best from about 8pm to midnight or later, It’s difficult though, because I have to get up for work at 5 am  and therefore work in the afternoon. It hasn’t been an problem so far because I’ve been off sick and could write when I felt up to it, except for today. I have had to write this afternoon and it hasn’t been as productive as I would have liked. However, since I am aware that this is a problem I can try to work around it.

When I go back to work I shall make notes on my breaks in my notebook and then when I get home I shall type the notes up and hope that this stimulates my writing. I am determined not to give up this year.

As for my novel’s progress, I have my main characters together in the place I need them to be and their next steps are forming in my head. I have an overall plan but it is the detailed steps in between that is taking the time. I think this novel is going to be a few more than 50,000 words. I feel that I am only just finishing the beginning portion of my plan, there is still the middle and end thirds to write yet.

Well, I’m going now, so good luck with your writing, and I shall be back next Sunday with another update.






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