Poetry Post: Screwed Up

We all say we’re screwed up……

But we’re not……

We’re Human……

The light and the darkness…….

Eat at us all……..

All we can do……is

Accept that.

The darkness…..burns as much

As the light

There is nothing to fear…..

You are yourself…….

Do you fear yourself?

My brain works in weird ways and sometimes it gets philisophically poetic. I do not know where this came from, excelt that it formed one night while i was walking home from visiting one of my closest friends. I muse sometimes on the strange nature of people. How we’re told that we have to be cheerful, happy and ‘well-balanced’ to be normal. I have never been any of those things for extended periods of time. I have melancholic tendancies (it’s a family thing – the number of my relatives I have who are on anti-depressants outnumber the ones who aren’t). This being the case, my mind often produces poems on the nature of being human, half formed specks of thought, which never really get past the notebooks, or properly worked on. This one I have only arranged in to this form because it felt like a conversation being held in my head when it formed. It may get worked on at a later date.


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