Poetry Post: Screwed Up

We all say we’re screwed up……

But we’re not……

We’re Human……

The light and the darkness…….

Eat at us all……..

All we can do……is

Accept that.

The darkness…..burns as much

As the light

There is nothing to fear…..

You are yourself…….

Do you fear yourself?

My brain works in weird ways and sometimes it gets philisophically poetic. I do not know where this came from, excelt that it formed one night while i was walking home from visiting one of my closest friends. I muse sometimes on the strange nature of people. How we’re told that we have to be cheerful, happy and ‘well-balanced’ to be normal. I have never been any of those things for extended periods of time. I have melancholic tendancies (it’s a family thing – the number of my relatives I have who are on anti-depressants outnumber the ones who aren’t). This being the case, my mind often produces poems on the nature of being human, half formed specks of thought, which never really get past the notebooks, or properly worked on. This one I have only arranged in to this form because it felt like a conversation being held in my head when it formed. It may get worked on at a later date.

Something I’ve been working on

Okay I haven’t done much writing recently, a little poetry now and then, work has been getting in the way. But, I was rooting around in some of my old work and decided to start playing with this peice. It was inspired by a print called Winter Rose I saw. My brain went ‘hmm, I wander where she’s going with her dog?’ And then I started to write…….

A regency fairy-tale 1

‘Eleanor, my dear, where are you walking to in such dreadful weather?’

The sharp voice interrupted Eleanor’s reverie, ‘Oh not her’, she thought as

she recognised the woman hailing her from the carriage. Lady Elizabeth

Whitwood, the local gossip and arbiter of good taste.

‘Alfie must have his exercise, Lady Whitwood. The snow is barely an inch

thick on the road, I’ll take no harm from that.’

Hopefully if her answers were succinct enough the impertinent woman

would go on quickly and allow her to get on with her task without much


‘Oh but surely your servants can do that. I never allow Louisa to exercise

Hermione, Brookes always exercises our hounds. I’m certain your mother

would not have approved.’

‘Our men are busy preparing the Hall for tonight’s festivities.’

‘Well, if you need to borrow one or two I’d be only to pleased to lend you any

I have spare.’

‘No, thank you, Lady Whitwood, we can manage.’

‘Go away tedious women’, thought Eleanor, ‘They’ll be waiting for me now.’

‘Well if you’re sure, I’ll see you this evening. Don’t catch cold dear, it

wouldn’t do for the hostess to be coughing and wheezing all over her guests.’

‘Yes, Lady Elizabeth, I’ll see you this evening.’

Relief washed over Eleanor as Lady Elizabeth’s carriage drove on.

‘Hurry, Alfie,’ she told her Collie dog, ‘we have places to be.’

The young woman hurried along the lane until she came to a gap in the

hawthorn hedge that bordered the road. After checking the road was

deserted she ducked under the elder tree that guarded the entrance to


That’s all I’ve got so far, I’m not sure what will be happening next. I think the dog might not necessarily be a dog…..