Lazy Writer

I have been terribly lazy in the past few weeks; I have hardly written at all. I just haven’t felt like doing anything.
Actually thats not true. I have been writing, but nothing anyone but a few friends get to read. I may have had a temporary sojourn writing fanfic. I have fun doing this, and my friends enjoy it, but no one else gets to read it.

I have ideas for plots but struggle to get very far with them. I’ve been through all the short stories and chapters I’ve written in the last year, and i don’t really like any of it. I need to really have a proper bash at it.

I’ve had an idea for some articles, about the history of embroidery in different countries but i can’t decide whether to write them for or try to sell them to magazines. I suppose i could write a simple article for the internet and a more indepth one for a print magazine….. Hmmm, I’m going now, i have things to muse on. I think i’ve got my mojo back. It”s amazing what scribbling down thoughts will do.

Until next time